Passion For The Mountains: Seventeenth Century Landscape Paintings From The Nanjing Museum

Authors: Willow Weilan Hai Chang, with an essay by Dr. Chu-tsing Li

In the seventeenth century, the city of Nanjing, known in ancient times as Jinling, played an important role in what is seen as the last great florescence of landscape paintings in Chinese art. This catalog explores the influence of the region’s physical environment, as well as its social and cultural traditions, in attracting and shaping the paintings of many of the leading artists such as the famed Eight Masters of Nanjing. The bilingual catalog includes works not published before in Western sources with the transcription and translation of many of the poems and colophons that accompany the images.

Exhibition catalog, 2003. Paperback, 180 pages: ill.
ISBN: 0-9729352-4-X


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