The Resonance Of The Qin In East Asian Art

Authors: Stephen Addiss

The Chinese qin, an ancient seven-stringed zither, was an integral part of literati culture in East Asia. Its mythic origins, the beauty and efficacy of its music, and the legendary heroism of its musicians are all part of the vast canon and lore that developed around the instrument over the course of two thousand years. The music of the qin was celebrated in poetry, and the instrument came to be de rigeur in depictions of solitary scholar-gentlemen at leisure in the landscape. Selected works of art, antique instruments, and four separate essays are brought together to explain the profound significance of the ancient qin and its music, and its spread from China to Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

Exhibition catalog, 1999. Paperback, 143 pages: ill.
ISBN: 0-9654270-2-1


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