Life Of A Patron: Zhou Lianggong And The Painters Of Seventeenth Century China

Authors: Hongnam Kim

This in-depth exploration of the life and work of Zhou Lianggong paints a compelling and vivid picture of Chinese scholarly and artistic circles during politically tumultuous and dangerous times. Zhou was a scholar-official under two dynasties, as well as a poet, literary critic, connoisseur, and art patron. He amassed a vast collection, but his most enduring legacy was his Du Hua Lu (Lives of Painters), a collection of biographical notes on the artists of his day. Together with the selected paintings in this exhibition, the catalog offers an intimate look at a lifelong dialogue between a patron and the most important artists of a very creative era.

Exhibition catalog, 1996. Paperback, 224 pages: ill.
ISBN: 0-9654270-0-5


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