New “china”: Porcelain Art From Jingdezhen, 1910-2012

Authors: Lili Fang and Nancy Selvage

Jingdezhen, also known as the “Porcelain Capital,” has served as the world’s major source of China trade ceramics for over 1,000 years. The city’s history, unique location, access to kaolin and skillful artisans still attract ceramicists from all over the globe. New “China” explores the authoritative influence of Jingdezhen on ceramic arts during the last 100 years and introduces a special group of modern and contemporary artists, who have revitalized Jingdezhen and bolstered the world’s ceramic market through their contemporary ideas and progressive techniques.

Exhibition catalog, 2012. Paperback, 132 pages: ill.
ISBN: 978-0-9774054-8-0


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