Art of the Mountain: Through the Chinese Photographer’s Lens

Mountains, in Chinese legend, are the pillars that hold up the sky. The most celebrated mountains of China are especially revered for what they signify in history and in culture: they are the setting of ancient myths and legends, the destinations of pilgrimages made by emperors, and the sites of ritualistic worship of Heaven and Earth. To understand China, one must travel to and experience its mountains.

This catalogue, which accompanies the exhibition of the same title, includes scholarly essays discussing the mountains of China from various perspectives, including the following essays:

China’s Mountains: Orogeny and Cultural Implications by Gregory Veeck

Mountains of China: Legends and Civilization by Willow Weilan Hai

Sacred Mountains of Tibet by Gray Tuttle

Stone into Ink: China’s Tradition of Silk and Paper Mountains by Jerome Silbergeld

The Message of The Mountains: The Yellow Mountains as Source of Inspiration for Painting, Poetry, and Photography by Jonathan Chaves

New Shanshui Photography—Landscape Photography with a New Dimension by Jiang Rong

Each of the 63 works by 27 photographers, divided into three topics, reveals the majestic world of these mountains as well as the current state of the field of photography based in China. Full color plates included.

Art of the Mountain: Through the Chinese Photographer’s Lens is curated by a team led by Willow Weilan Hai, Director of China Institute Gallery. Jerome Silbergeld, P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Professor Emeritus of Chinese Art History at Princeton University and photography critic Mr. Jiang Rong are co-curators of the exhibition.

Exhibition catalogue, 2018. Paperback, 272 pages. ISBN 978-0-6929-3086-1


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