China Institute Tells the Story of China, One Object at a Time, in New Web Series “Pieces of China” Featuring U.S./Chinese Influencers

May 21, 2020
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Jeremy Willinger
China Institute

China Institute Tells the Story of China, One Object at a Time,
in New Web Series “Pieces of China” Featuring U.S./Chinese Influencers


NEW YORK – May 21, 2020 – China Institute is launching a new, free web-series that will feature luminaries telling the story of China, one object at a time. The series is designed to capture individual passion for Chinese culture through the prism of specific artifacts and treasured memories. Premiering on May 28 at 12pm EST, Pieces of China will present stories of China via influential thinkers, writers, and thought leaders who have a connection to China and have each chosen an object that tells the story of their personal connection to the culture.

The first episode features a journey through Suzhou’s famed Lions Grove Garden with architect Didi Pei, whose illustrious family once owned it. First constructed in 1342 during the Yuan Dynasty, the Lion Grove Garden demonstrates Chinese garden designers’ adept skills for synthesizing art, nature, and architecture to create unique metaphysical masterpieces. Pei’s great grandfather donated it to the Chinese government in 1949. Pei, who in his early career worked with his architect father I.M. Pei on iconic projects such as the Louvre and the West Wing of the National Gallery in Washington DC, is co-Chairman of China Institute’s Board of Trustees.

The second episode, airing June 5, will focus on the book that changed the course of life for award-winning filmmaker Wu Hao, whose personal journeys of identity and love have translated into international cinematic acclaim. Acclaimed Chinese cookbook author Fuchsia Dunlop will talk about the transcendent value of the humble cleaver. Subsequent 15-minute episodes will include rappers, historians, chefs, and curators, each with a unique perspective to share, providing personal insights into China’s rapidly changing culture.

“These challenging times present a unique opportunity to educate people about China—now in exciting new ways on purely digital platforms. Pieces of China is the newest initiative designed to entice people to explore China and we look forward to welcoming old and new audiences to hear from a truly extraordinary roster of thought leaders,” said James B. Heimowitz, President of China Institute.

Pieces of China is provided free of charge to foster more independent opportunities for cross-cultural education and understanding. Learn more about the series and our first five guests at:

About China Institute

China Institute advances a deeper understanding of China through programs in education, culture, art and business. China Institute is the go-to resource on China – from ancient art to today’s business landscape and its rapidly shifting culture. Its programs, school and gallery exhibitions bring to life the depth, complexity and dynamism of China. Founded in 1926 by Chinese reformers Hu Shi and K.P. Wen and educators Paul Monroe and John Dewey, China Institute is the oldest bicultural, nonprofit organization in America to focus exclusively on China.

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