In the Forbidden City (Ages 9 and up)

Chiu Kwong-chiu, author

Design and Cultural Studies Workshop, illustrations

Ben Wang, translator

Nancy S. Steinhardt, editor

Serving as the seat of imperial power for six centuries, the Forbidden City
is one of China’s most famous and enigmatic landmarks. Accompanied by
a mischievous cat, readers will tour this colossal architectural structure,
discovering the secrets hidden inside the palace walls. They will
encounter the people who have walked through its halls and gardens,
including emperors, empresses, and rebel leaders, and hear exciting tales
about the power struggles and intrigues of everyday life.

This large format book conveys the grandeur of the Forbidden City
through highly detailed line drawings of its buildings, gardens, and
courtyards with numerous foldout spreads. Each page is populated by a
large variety of characters and peppered with entertaining anecdotes.
Every book includes a plastic magnifying glass for looking at the
drawings more closely.

Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s 2015 Book of the Year Award, Books on Foreign Culture

INDIEFAB 2014 Finalist for Best Young Adult Nonfiction


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