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Through the Viewfinder: Earth, Nature & Humanity
A Showcase of Work by Photographer William Ma

August 28, 2023
1:00 PM - 5:30 PM EDT

Join us for an intimate showcase featuring the exceptional works created by the acclaimed artist who’s making waves as an emerging talent in the photography circle – William Ma.

Titled “Through the Viewfinder: Earth, Nature & Humanity,” this showcase is poised to present Ma’s profound commitment to environmental sustainability. Spanning diverse global locales, his captivating compositions encapsulate a remarkable array of natural vistas, wildlife spectacles, and human encounters. Ma’s photographic creations transcend mere visuals – by seamlessly weaving visual narratives that resonate with audiences and imparting potent messages of veracity, compassion, and elegance.

“I regard my camera not merely as a device but a conduit that articulates the inherent bond between humans and the natural world,” affirms Ma. “These photographs embody my modest endeavor to stimulate change and foster a positive impact on our world.”

Sponsored by KCY Family Office LLC

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