In Person

The State of Artificial Intelligence

June 20, 2023
6:00 – 7:30 PM EDT
How the disruptive advancement of AI will shape the future of industries and create a new frontier for global competition

China Institute, in collaboration with Financial Times Chinese Edition, is co-hosting an important panel discussion on the rapid development of AI and the possible implications it has on various industries.

Key topics include:

  • The untapped potential of ChatGPT and reasons for the hype and excitement it has generated
  • Competition between the United States and China in the field of AI, as both countries have made significant investments in AI research and development with the objective of achieving dominance in the field.
  • Ethical considerations in relation to the development of AI, as well as the impact of job displacement.

Moderator & Speakers

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Susan Yuqing Feng

Susan Yuqing Feng is currently Editor-in-Chief of Bitpush News, a leading blockchain media based in New York. She is also a columnist for Financial Times Chinese Edition. Before joining Bitpush, Susan was seasoned business journalist who covered the 2008 financial crisis, the Great Recession and three elections since 2008. During her tenure, she has interviewed Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, President Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzeziński, Thomas Friedman, former President of World Bank James Wolfensohn and many world economic and political leaders.

Kathleen R. McKeown
Keynote Speaker

Kathleen R. McKeown is an American computer scientist, specializing in natural language processing. She is currently the Henry and Gertrude Rothschild Professor of Computer Science and is the Founding Director of the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering at Columbia University.

David Chen
Keynote Speaker

David Chen is the Founder and Director of the AngelVest Fund, which focuses on investing in early-stage companies with business ties to Asia. Mr. Chen is an avid supporter of disruptive innovation and entrepreneurs who have great vision and high levels of awareness for making large-scale positive social impact. His areas of investment focus over the years have included robotics, AI, mobile, and other Internet businesses. He has developed a particular interest in the area of consciousness and how it relates to human development and entrepreneurship.

Francesca Rossi
Keynote Speaker

Francesca Rossi is an IBM Fellow and the IBM AI Ethics Global Leader. Based at the T.J. Watson IBM Research Lab, New York, USA, she leads AI research projects.
Francesca also co-chairs the IBM AI Ethics board and participates in numerous global multi-stakeholder initiatives on AI ethics, such as the Partnership on AI, the World Economic Forum, the OECD, the United Nations ITU AI for Good Summit, and the Global Partnership on AI.
She is also the President of AAAI, the worldwide association of AI researchers.



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