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China Institute Food & Wine Club Dinner at iChina Restaurant

September 22, 2023
6:00 - 9:30 PM PDT

“Moonlight Tonight” Chinese Music and Food Salon

May I be like a star and you like a moon, with a bright clean moonlight every night.

In the eyes of the Chinese people, the moon has always been a special symbolism. Mythical legends, poetry, folk customs have all endowed her with personality and profound cultural connotations. Her appearing and disappearing, waxing, and waning seem to constantly reflect people’s sorrows, joys, and even destinies. As an emblem of eternal presence, the moon appears exceptionally mysterious. In the verses of literati and in the melodies passed down through the ages, it is not only a representation of longing, loneliness, and homesickness, but also a symbol of the implicit, tranquil, serene, and beautiful artistic conception pursued by Chinese culture.

月亮在中国人眼中,从来都代表着特殊的寓意。神话传说、诗词歌赋、民俗习惯都赋予了她人格和深刻 的文化内涵。她的升落圆缺、隐现明暗,似乎时刻体现着人们的悲伤欢乐甚至命运。月亮作为一种永恒存 在的象征显得无比神秘,在文人墨客的诗句中,久远流传的乐曲中,她不仅是相思、寂寞和乡愁,更是中国文化 所追求的含蓄,恬静,清幽、美好的意境的象征。

China Institute Food and Wine Club and Bay Area Chinese Musician Association (BACMA) will host a unique and creative food and music event, with the theme of the moon, on September 22nd at iChina. Through exquisite cuisines and delicate live Chinese-themed music, this event aims to convey a sense of serenity and gently soothe the homesickness of the wanderers. “As the dew is white tonight, the moonlight brightens my homeland.” Within seemingly ordinary inner worlds lies an enduring theme of this unchanging autumn season. “On the high tower, don’t lean alone, the wine turns sorrow into tears of longing.” What sets this event apart is that the specially invited Chinese fusion band (Xian Ren Band) will present a special 2-hour music program with gentle and live music to soothe everyone. Come and bring your friend to spend an unforgettable night together with food, music and happiness. This event is limited to 30 participants.

China Institute美食俱乐部将在9月22日在iChina与湾区华人乐手协会共同为大家举办一场别出心裁的借月抒怀的美食音乐活动, 用精美的菜肴和精致的现场中国风音乐寄托宁静柔和的思乡之情。“露从今夜白,月是故乡明。”看似平凡普 通的内心世界, 却也是这清秋时节不变的主题 ,“明月楼高休独倚,酒入肠愁,化作相思泪” 不同的是,China Institute特邀闲人乐队将献上2个小时精心准备的的音乐,用轻柔美妙的音乐治愈游子们的思乡情怀。让美食 ,音乐和微笑一起陪伴朋友们渡过一个难忘的夜晚。此次活动仅限30人入座。

Friday, September 22, 6:00 PM
iChina Restaurant
2855 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95050

$170 (including tax and service fee) for Food & Wine Club Members
$220 (including tax and service fee) for Non-Members

For questions, please contact Lorna Lim, Special Events and Membership Manager at

iCHiNA is a contemporary Cantonese restaurant that transports guests to the opulent fine dining experiences found in modern Hong Kong and China—with a lavish setting, impeccable service, a premium wine and cocktail list, and traditional dishes elevated by masterful technique and luxury ingredients. With a menu developed by a culinary team of three distinguished Michelin-starred chefs from abroad, skill and precision are apparent on every plate. Our meticulously curated wine collection features a wide array of styles and price points to complement the cuisine, and imaginative cocktails that masterfully incorporate ingredients and flavors from throughout Asia.

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