Are Chinese Descendants of the Dragon? — from stories to a general understanding of Chinese mythology

March 18, 2023
9:30 - 11:30 AM EDT

A great starting point to understand a culture is through mythology, as it presents rich and colorful stories, providing keys to unlock the spirit, beliefs, values, traditions, and customs formed in a culture. Often involving characters including supernatural beings, heroes, gods and goddesses, they are fun to learn as well!

Through mythological stories for various age groups, Prof. Qinjian Chen will guide the participants to build a foundational and deeper understanding of Chinese mythology which leads to explore the very origin of the Chinese culture: Are Chinese descendants of the dragon?

This two-hour online seminar will be in Chinese.


Qinjian Chen 陈勤建

Tenure professor at East China Normal University and doctoral supervisor of literature, art and folklore; National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Expert; Deputy Director of Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Expert Committee.

Prof. Chen’s research fields include folklore, literary folklore, intangible cultural heritage, etc. Representative works include “Chinese Folklore”, “Chinese Bird Culture”, “Chinese Bird Belief”, etc. A frequent speaker at international academic conferences, Prof. Chen has presided over more than ten scientific research projects in China and internationally, published 16 monographs, edited 14 books, and more than 180 papers and articles, including “Introduction to Literary Folklore”, which won The second prize (monograph) (ranked first) in Chinese Literature for the second National Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award by the Ministry of Education, and 7 provincial and ministerial social science awards. Prof. Chen also won the title of excellent course in the city of Shanghai.

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