Serica AAPI Women's Gala 2024
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The Serica Initiative
AAPI Women’s Gala 2024

May 14, 2024
Tribeca 360, NYC

Prepare to be inspired at the AAPI Women’s Gala 2024, a distinctive evening that celebrates the remarkable journeys of women who embody the essence of our theme, “Strength Unveiled: A Celebration of Women’s Success Through Resilience and Perseverance.” Set against the stunning backdrop of New York City’s Tribeca 360 on May 14, this gala, hosted by The Serica Initiative, honors the achievements of women with significant ties to Asia—be they from the AAPI community, other parts of Asia, or those who have significantly contributed to bridging cultures and fostering inclusion across continents.

At the heart of our gala is the celebration of women who have navigated challenges with resilience and perseverance to make indelible marks in their fields and communities. These women’s stories are testaments to the strength that comes from embracing leadership and striving for inclusion. By honoring the achievements of these established professional women, as well as recognizing promising AAPI women under 40 with the Rising Star Award, we aim to inspire all attendees to recognize and unleash their own potential for impact, fostering a world where every woman’s success is unveiled and celebrated.

Joining us at the AAPI Women’s Gala means standing with a movement that champions the strength found in the power of stories of resilience and perseverance. It’s an opportunity to be part of a community that values and acts upon the principles of inclusion, recognizing the myriad ways women contribute to a richer, more diverse world.”

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