A General Framework for Understanding Chinese Music

May 20, 2023
9:30 - 11:30 AM EDT

One of the oldest art forms, music is part of human history and plays important cultural roles for communication, aesthetic and emotional expression, as well as entertainment. For the Chinese since ancient time, music serves the rituals showing respect to the ancestors and communicating with the heaven. Music touches the soul and cultivates one’s virtue. Music also serves as the record of the variety of Chinese people who create, perform and write about it.

Starting from High Mountain and Flowing Water (高山流水), Ambush from All Sides (十面埋伏), and Spring Blossoms On The Moonlit River (春江花月夜), this seminar connects familiar stories to a general framework for understanding the unique features of Chinese music, including pentatonic scales, instruments, strong association with literature and visual art, as well as its fascinating connection with the world music.

This two-hour online seminar will be in Chinese.

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