Dunhuang: Buddhist Art At The Gateway Of The Silk Road

Authors: Edited by Fan Jinshi and Willow Weilan Hai Chang

Dunhuang, the western gateway to China, is one of the world’s most esteemed art shrines and cultural heritage sites. Dunhuang: Buddhist Art at the Gateway of the Silk Road will address art and ritual practices of the Northern dynasties (420-589) and the Tang dynasty (618-907). The exhibition will feature excavated art works, high relief clay figures, wooden sculptures, silk banners, and molded bricks. A group of treasured Buddhist sutras from the famous Cangjingdong (The Library Cave) will illustrate the story behind Dunhuang’s historic discovery. A magnificent replica of the 8th century cave that houses the beautiful Bodhisattva of the Mogao Grottoes and an illustrious central pillar from the 6th century will also be prominently displayed in the exhibition to recall the actual cave setting.

The exhibition catalogue contains essays by Fan Jinshi and Annette L. Juliano, and contributions from Lou Jie, Liang Xushu, Huang Yuanwei, J. May Lee Barrett, and Clarissa von Spee.

Exhibition catalog, 2013. Paperback, 144 pages: ill.
ISBN: 978-0-9774054-9-7


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