The Evolution of Chinese Tea Culture: Preservation and Innovation


February 17, 2024
9:30 - 11:30 AM EST

Tea, a humble yet profound beverage, stands as a cultural symbol, embodying a unique facet of Chinese heritage. The production of tea, the intricate rituals of tea drinking, and the tools associated with it serve as mediums for cultural expression in China. Under the guidance of Prof. Yanchun Huang, this seminar endeavors to delve into the historical evolution and distinctive features of Chinese tea culture. Topics include the emergence and innovation of the Way of Tea, the art of tea ceremony, the well-being concepts embedded in China’s tea culture that is also globally disseminated.

Post-lecture, teacher participants will actively engage in a live discussion led by Prof. Robin Harvey. This interactive session aims to bridge teaching practices and thoughts, fostering a connection with the cultural theme explored during the seminar.

For questions, please contact Yongqiang Lin at

New York State teachers attending this program are eligible to receive 2 hours of CTLE credits. China Institute is an approved Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) sponsor recognized by the New York State Education Department.

In partnership with New England Chinese Language Teachers Association (NECLTA) and Chinese Program at Tufts University, PDP certificate is available for NECLTA members.

This two-hour online seminar will be in Chinese.

This series is made possible through the support of the Center for Language Education, the ECNU Center, and generous supporters of China Institute.


Chunyan Huang 黄纯艳

Chunyan Huang, a distinguished professor at East China Normal University, holds the Zijiang Scholar position. He also serves as the Vice President of the Chinese Society for Historians of China’s Foreign Relations, Vice President of the Chinese Society for Maritime History, and Vice President of the Chinese Association for Song Dynasty Studies, among other roles.

Robin Harvey

Robin Harvey is the Project Director and Principal Investigator for NYU Project DCLT. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Education, TESOL, and Bilingual Education in the Multilingual/Multicultural Studies Program of New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development.

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