China Institute Calligraphy Meetup
In Person

China Institute Calligraphy Meetup

March 30, 2023
6:00 - 8:00 PM EDT

Come to China Institute to learn, explore, and practice calligraphy, an ancient art that cultivates appreciation of art and culture, language learning, and self-wellness in general.

A unique way of writing that incorporates brushwork, composition, and balance to create an expressive piece of artwork, Chinese calligraphy has been widely considered as the finest form of art in China for over two thousand years. Focusing on writing characters, Chinese calligraphy creates aesthetically beautiful yet almost exclusively personal artwork through skillful hand-eye coordination and mental focus. By pushing the soft brush soaked in ink on a piece of specially made rice paper, one will develop a deep sense of body-mind connection while the repetition of practicing and writing can simply be meditative and relaxing.

To make it accessible for all to explore, learn and enjoy the writing of Chinese calligraphy, this monthly program offers 2-hour open sessions where participants of various experience of calligraphic writing can attend, with the facilitation from our calligraphy instructor and dedicated staff.

No experience is required. Ink, paper, and brush will be provided onsite. Simply come, enjoy writing, and find likeminded fellow calligraphers. Explore a new culture or connect to your heritage.

Draw the first line or practice the one thousandth. Express yourself in one single stroke, or more!

This program is made possible through the generous donation of the Ng Family in honor of Mr. Ting Din Ng, former Chairman of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolence Association of NY and lifelong supporter of Chinese culture and the arts.

Meetup Hostess and Calligrapher Bio

Yi Su

Yi Su, also named Yijin, is member of China Calligraphers Association and Northern America Chinese Calligraphy Association. During her twenty years of practice, Su’s calligraphy works have won numerous awards and been selected for various exhibitions. Her works also appear frequently on major media. Su had her solo exhibition in Pace University Gallery in New York in 2015, and created her calligraphy art studio “BIMO Theory” in 2020.

A descendant of Su Shi (1037-1101), renowned poet, scholar, and calligrapher in Song dynasty, Su learnt mainly from ancient calligraphy masters like Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi, Mi Fu, Wang Duo. Su is skillful of writing various script styles, among which she is most passionate about “small regular script” and “large cursive script”.


学书二十年来,作品曾三十余次入展、获奖,如入选《全国铁人杯书法作品展》,《全国第四届妇女书法篆刻作品展》,《纽约中国书法国际大展》,获《第六届全国高校师生书画艺术大展》大学组特等奖等。于二〇〇七年在江苏常州举办《龙城凤墨——八女书法作品展》,二〇一五年在纽约举办《花信南薰——苏艺个人书法展》,二〇二〇年在纽约创办个人书法工作室BIMO Theory。作品在《书法导报》、《文汇报》等报刊杂志上刊登,多次参加中美文化交流活动。

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